Convert Your Inspection Checklists and Business Documents to Custom Mobile Apps for Android, iPhone or iPad

Replace your clipboard, checklist and paper forms with Inspect2GO’s mobile app technology. We develop mobile apps based on business forms for use on Android tablets (Samsung Galaxy, etc.), Android smartphones, iPads and iPhones. We specialize in converting inspection checklists, questionnaires, business documents, reports, and worksheets to interactive mobile apps. Forms and data are either native on the Apple/Android mobile device, or pulled from an SQL database server. The user can then enter data, take pictures, markup and sign the form, then email the completed document. Reports are generated directly by the Android/iPad/smartphone or via a server side web application that recalls the data from an SQL Database. Lower your costs, save time, reduce errors and eliminate double entry with Inspect2GO’s mobile checklist development services. Contact Inspect2GO for a demonstration.

Mobile checklists and forms

  • Convert regulatory inspection checklists to mobile apps
  • Convert vehicle inspection, commercial property inspection and safety inspection checklists to mobile
  • Convert business paper documents (i.e., Word [doc], Excel [xls]) to mobile

Custom mobile checklist platforms

  • Android Tablet – Android tablet checklists app development with custom reporting
  • Android Phone – Custom android smartphone checklists
  • iPad – iPad business forms, checklists, questionnaires, worksheets, etc.
  • iPhone – iPhone apps with field information and inspection checklists

Mobile Apps

  • Mobile Checklist Apps – Questionnaires, forms, surveys, worksheets and polls with checkboxes, fill-in-the-blank, drop-down menus and search boxes
  • SQL Database/Server – Connect with SQL server database to access, store, push and pull data and records or backup data
  • Custom Reporting – Custom designed, back-end reports are generated
  • Stylus/Signature – Hand markup on the tablet and enter legal, digital signatures on forms/reports
  • Conversion – Voice to text and handwriting to text, voice ‘reading’ for confirmation
  • Email – Send completed forms via secure email, wireless and Wi-Fi
  • Documents – Convert your MS Word documents, Excel (xls) tables, pdf documents and checklists to interactive mobile ready forms for use on iPads and Android tablets
  • Photos – Capture digital images, attached to custom reports, email
  • Downloads – Download operators manuals, user guides, procedures, reports and online regulations
  • Android/Apple – We primarily work with iPad, iPhone and Android (including the Android-based Samsung Galaxy tablet)
  • Branding – We work with your forms, company artwork, logo to create branded apps and forms
  • GPS – Geotagging

Server side development

  • In addition to custom mobile apps, we also design, develop and program server side, enterprise/business applications in Microsoft .Net, Java and PHP, for use with data gathered on Android/iPad/iPhone devices
  • SQL database development and integration
  • Database backup of forms, data, checklists, photos, images..
  • Custom Reporting – Web-based applications to generate reports, review and compare data
  • Access control rights managed by the server administrator