Property Inspection Software | Web and Mobile for iOS/Android

Inspect2GO offers the most advanced, yet affordable property inspection software on the market. Inspect property on an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or Android phone via a true mobile application that functions without the need for a wireless connection. Take photos/notes and recall property information/history. Sync with our powerful web-based software to manage properties, inspectors, reports and data.

Property Inspection Software Demonstration

Ipad/iphone app features (custom versions)

  • Reports – Professionally formatted property inspection reports sent directly from iPad/Android tablet
  • Photos – Take photos of property with the iPad and include in reports
  • Draw – Mark on line drawings of homes, buildings and Google satellite images
  • Rating – Rate each item – Pass, Fail, Good, Poor, Not Applicable, Needs Replacement, Needs Cleaning
  • Score – Custom scoring of all kinds – 85% pass, “B+”
  • Recall – Pull and compare past reports from the cloud while on site

Cloud/Server/Database software features

  • Run custom, formatted reports with your logo and content
  • View past inspection results and scores in table format
  • Plot any graph such as:
    • Average property score in Los Angeles, January through June, 2011
    • Florida vs. Texas average property score and trend
    • Number of inspections per day per inspector
    • Custom graphs, data handling and reports per request

Other custom, b2b building related applications

  • MIMO – Move-in, Move-out checklists
  • Commercial property, rental and residential property inspection apps
  • Roofing apps (inspect, report, save data)
  • Building/construction site quality and safety audits
  • School facility audits (Williams Act checklists, school kitchen inspection, safety audit)
  • Insurance audit applications
  • Custom applications, SQL database development, cloud server and property management software integration