FDA Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards

FDA Food Standards

Is your health department looking for the right software to meet the FDA Retail Food Standards? Inspect2go can help with these seven:

Standard 1: Regulatory Foundation: The Food Code is imported into our application for reference during inspections.

Standard 3: Inspection Program Based on HACCP Principles: Mark Out of compliance. Add comments. Take photos. You can also track inspection frequency based on risk.

Standard 4: Uniform Inspection Program: The software standardizes inspection procedures across all of your inspectors.

Standard 5: Foodborne Illness and Food Defense Preparedness and Response: Record complaints, and their resolution.

Standard 6: Compliance and Enforcement: Ensure compliance and enforcement procedures are followed.

Standard 7: Industry and Community Relations: Outreach to the public, the media and consumer groups.

Standard 9: Program Assessment: Filter reports by facility, violation and other factors.

We help environmental health departments modernize their retail food program with cloud-based software. Clients have utilized FDA grants like the NEHA-FDA Retail Flexible Funding Model Grant Program to help pay for the software.

Modernize your agency’s retail food protection program

FUNDING: Also, learn how NEHA will work collaboratively with FDA to …develop and implement a system to administer financial assistance to SLTT retail regulatory food programs based on the FDA's VNRFRPS flexible funding model… in the following press release: FDA Announces New Cooperative Agreement Program to Advance Retail Food Safety

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