Contractor and Construction iPad Apps | Contractor Punch Lists | Weekly Project Status Reports with Notes/Photos | Site Surveys | RFI


We develop custom applications to help contractors save time and money. Applications are offered on iPad, Windows and Android tablets and smartphones. All applications are based on Inspect2GO’s core technology for site surveys, photo/note taking, cloud storage, data/document processing and reporting.

Contractor Apps | Weekly Project Status | RFI | Site Survey | Punch List

Applications are custom built to contractor specifications

  • Weekly Project Status Reports
    • Instant, directly from site via iPad, Android or Windows Tablet
    • Upload to cloud
    • Create/send reports
    • Updates
    • Site plan/floor plan import and drawing
  • RFI
    • Log
    • Take notes on tablet
    • Take photos
    • Mark on photos
    • Submit
  • Punch Lists
    • Architect photographs/notes issues
    • Data submitted to cloud
    • Contractor receives punch list
    • Issue are resolved and before/after photos document work
  • Site Surveys
    • Photos
    • Notes
    • PDF reports
  • Roofing


We develop custom inspection checklist apps that are ideally suited for construction site and building inspection. Mobile applications including checklists, inspection forms and field reports are based on your exact specifications. Apps can be built for public works, home/building inspection, OSHA work site safety regulation compliance and quality control. The iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps can be adapted to your DOT projects such as roads, highways and bridges, sewer and water systems as well as government, residential, commercial and office building construction, all created per your specifications. Each app can be specifically tailored for government contractors, builders, developers or city building inspectors.

Construction Site Inspection Ipad Apps

  • Custom iPad, Android and Windows Tablet application development
  • Building inspector and home inspector mobile applications
  • Custom iPhone/Android applications for local and state regulations (per client’s checklist)
  • Inspection per building codes, local ordinances and zoning regulations (per client’s checklist)
  • Building specification and regulatory checklists
  • Public works – National Codes (ICC International Code Council)
  • Structural steel, concrete, civil engineering, environmental, soil, worksite, foundation, fire, security systems, electrical wiring, mechanical, elevator and plumbing inspection software
  • Quality control / quality assurance (QA/QC)
  • Custom construction inspection checklists, forms and manuals on tablets (iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc.)
  • Residential and commercial construction projects
  • Custom applications for construction project managers, architects, developers, builders, superintendents, general contractors and government contactors
  • Incident and safety violation reports on iPad, iPhone and Android tablets
  • OSHA – Construction worker safety audit mobile apps, report safety code violations while onsite
  • Renovations, rehab, remodel inspection and status reporting
  • Daily logs with photographs and pdf field reports filed offsite
  • Related mobile applications may also assist electricians, plumbers, appraisers, construction managers, cost estimators, engineering technicians, civil engineers and surveyors
  • Construction Equipment Inspection – Cranes, heavy equipment, tractors, bull dozers, dump trucks, etc.