Quality Control Software for Small Manufacturers – Tablet/Cloud Based

Manufacturers lower costs and improve product quality using mobile and cloud based quality management software. Quality checks, defects and test results are logged on and iPad, Windows tablet or Android device, on the production floor. Inspection data is stored in the cloud or on the manufacturer’s internal server. Real-time notifications preempt immediate production quality issues. Ad hoc reporting, statistical analytics and data visualization are used to spot long term trends and process improvement opportunities. Quality control and quality management solutions are customized to each manufacturer’s specific requirements.


  • Tablet based data collection
  • Cloud based database and storage
  • Web based data analytics and ad hoc reporting
  • Fully automated, paperless process


  • Log product inspections, quality checks and test results
  • Track pass/fail rates per part or product line
  • Provide defect/fault log overviews with percentage failure rates
  • Reference SOPs, worksheets, checklists, repair instructions and corrective actions
  • Real time monitoring for QA/QC/QMS processes
  • Manufacturing and product line monitoring
  • Real time notifications (triggered by a threshold, specification limit or defect/failure rate)
  • Data analytics and visualization
  • Ad hoc reporting on a custom, web based dashboard