Housing, Building and Property Inspection Software

Inspect2GO offers property and building inspection solutions designed specifically for city/county inspectors. Use the offline-capable mobile app to inspect housing, apartments, rentals, commercial, multi-unit properties and buildings. Email PDF inspection reports while on location, with signatures and photos. Use the cloud-based management software to site building and housing codes, schedule inspections, track violations and manage properties. Contact Inspect2GO to schedule a demonstration.

Property/Housing/Building Inspection

Housing Inspection Cloud Solution

Inspection Examples

  • Rental - Rental property/rental housing inspection
  • Multi-Unit - Multi-unit property/multi-family/apartment
  • Code Enforcement - City/Municipal code enforcement of property standards
  • Building Code - IBC, ICC, State, Local, etc.
  • HHS - Health and Human Services
  • Violations - Report on Health and Safety Code Violations
  • Code - Housing code, building code and International Property Maintenance Code compliance
  • Complaints - Conduct and track complaints
  • Users - For City/County inspectors and large property management companies
  • HUD - Configure the system for HUD, REAC, UPCS, affordable housing and other checklist Inspections
  • Lead - Lead abatement and inspection


  • Cloud/Web-Based
    • Web-based management portal
    • Web-based inspection application
  • Offline - Offline capable, native app for field Inspection.
    • Use iPad, Android of Windows based smartphones or tablets
    • Building code, past inspection history and establishment data are available offline
  • Properties - Establishment management system (add, edit, remove)
  • Units - Inspect and track multiple apartments, multiple units and multiple facilities within one inspection, with alphanumeric field for units
  • Priority and Re-inspection
    • Chose "life safety" vs. "general maintenance" and have corresponding changes in the re-inspections period (10, 30 or 60 days, for example)
    • The inspector can choose to override the re-inspection/reconciliation dates at will
    • Re-inspections are treated as a separate inspection from the original inspection, and are able to reference previous violations and comments taken from the original inspection
  • Scheduler - Schedule inspections, assign multiple inspectors to one inspection, reassign inspections and enter follow-up dates
  • Code
    • Property maintenance, housing and building codes
    • Regulations per federal, state or local/municipal codes
    • Add, edit and delete
    • Search by keyword
  • Photos/Notes - One note section and 2 photos per violation, 10 photos max per inspection
  • Signatures - On screen
  • Reports
    • The inspection report can be emailed as a pdf while in the field and includes inspector ID, location, person-in-charge, violations, corrective actions and a time table for each correction. The report is tailored to look consistent with City/County checklists.
    • The inspection report can be previewed
    • Office reports with filters by date range, property, violation, etc
  • Database - Inspections are stored on a cloud database or the City/County on premise servers
  • Financials - Invoicing and fee tracking
  • Dashboard - Custom dashboard for quick reference