Software Funding

How am I gonna pay for this? Cash-strapped health departments nationwide are struggling to afford the best environmental health software, Inspect2go. Consider these funding tips:

  • Grants - Contact Inspect2go to learn about stimulus funds and federal grant opportunities that are available right now.
  • Special Terms - Contact Inspect2go to discuss special payment terms available in certain scenarios. We'll help subsidize the cost of your software if:
    1. Your configuration is 90% similar to another client of ours
    2. Your configuration advances our software in line with our product road map
    3. You're our first client in your state
  • AGILE - The "Agile Method" of software delivery basically means "start small and grow the system over time" resulting in
    1. Lower price
    2. Lower risk
    3. Better product (as customer's needs evolve, the product evolves)
    4. Less up-front work for clients (no need for full project specification or RFP)
    5. Learn More/Request an Agile Quote
  • ROI - Contact Inspect2go to discuss Cost Justification and Return On Investment calculations. Typical ROI is over 200%, meaning for every dollar invested in the software, the agency saves two dollars. We'll put you in touch with our clients to confirm this.
  • Combo - Combo up the above methods for more savings.

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