Software Funding

How am I gonna pay for this? Cash-strapped health departments nationwide are struggling to afford the best environmental health software, Inspect2go. Get help during with the following funding options:

  • Grants - Contact Inspect2go to learn about stimulus funds and federal grant opportunities that are available right now.
  • Special Terms - Contact Inspect2go to discuss special payment terms available in certain scenarios. We'll help subsidize the cost of your software if:
    1. Your configuration is 90% similar to another client of ours
    2. Your configuration advances our software in line with our product road map
    3. You're our first client in your state
  • ROI - Contact Inspect2go to discuss Cost Justification and Return On Investment calculations. Typical ROI is over 200%, meaning for every dollar invested in the software, the agency saves two dollars. We'll put you in touch with our clients to confirm this.
  • Combo - Combo up 1, 2 and 3 above for more savings.

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