Environmental Health Management Software

Inspect2GO offers environmental health management software with advanced tools. A custom dashboard provides key information at a glance, tailored to the unique needs of each inspector and supervisor. Inspections, schedules, fees and permits are managed through a web-based portal. Inspections can be performed without a connection, offline, using native mobile apps on iPad, Surface Pro or Android tablets. The full environmental health software suite encompasses key management functions for public health departments, restaurants and industry.

Environmental Health Management Software

  • Complete EH/EHS inspection and management systems
  • Customized to an organization’s unique environmental health requirements
  • Inspection, data, scheduling, accounting and permit management software modules


  • Environmental Health Departments
  • Public Health Agencies
  • Contract food services (food safety and HACCP)
  • Hospitality – Restaurants (self-audits)
  • Government – Local/state regulatory agencies
  • Industry – Manufacturing, safety and quality assurance

Environmental Health Programs

  • Retail Food Establishment – (FDA 2009, FDA 2013 or local code compliance)
  • Temporary Food Service
  • Consumer Health
  • Childcare/Playground/School
  • Wastewater/Sewer/Septic
  • Others (Pool, Shellfish, HazMat, Pest)
  • Client Specific/Custom

Software Capabilities

  • Dashboard – Custom Dashboard tailored to each supervisor and inspector
  • Permitting - Permitting and Licensing Software – Issue and track permits
  • Database – Inspections, permits, establishments on a single SQL database
  • Hosting
    • Hosted on customer’s Microsoft SQL Server
    • Inspect2GO cloud hosting
  • Scheduling – Inspection and audit scheduling
  • Web-Based
    • Custom web-based interface
  • Mobile App
    • Offline – Functions anywhere without data or wifi connectivity
    • Apps – Inspections and Audits performed via native mobile apps
    • Tablets – Microsoft (Surface Pro), Apple iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android tablet applications
  • Secure – Encrypted data
  • Accounting – Invoicing and fee tracking
  • Manage – Encrypted data