Well/Private Water Supply

PWS Application, Permitting/Licensing and Inspection Software

Inspect2GO now offers a complete software solution for Private Water Supply. County staff utilize the system to accept permit/license applications, issue permits and perform inspections. Field work is performed using an iPad or Surface Pro. The mobile app works offline, in remote areas that may not have a wireless connection. The app is used to document inspections with photos, checklists, forms and electronic signatures. Fees and payments are tracked. The data is submitted to a cloud-based database or to the customer's Microsoft SQL Server. Management functions are conducted online using the web-based portal.

Well Permitting Software

Water Well Inspection & Permitting Software

Forms Include

    • Application for Private Water Supply Permit
    • Permit/license to Install a Private Water Supply
    • Final Inspection for a Private Water Supply

Functions Include

Application and Permit to Install a Private Water Supply (Web and App)
This form consists of data collection and drawing sections. The Data from the form and drawing are submitted to the web/cloud software and also produce a PDF report.
  • Well Permit Number - Unique number generated from the system consisting of the year followed by a sequential number (i.e. 20160000001).
  • Drawing of location and details - This is a drawing tool on a separate sheet where the inspector has the ability to sketch with the stylus (or finger) as a free form tool.
  • Fees Paid - For each establishment there is a place to indicate whether the fees were paid or not, by year. This is a manual entry accessible by the administrator only.
  • Tax ID# - The Property number is a unique, non-editable number created by the county.
  • Signature Capture - For each inspection there is a field for signature capture.
  • Comments and Pictures - For each line item there is a box to add comments and an option to take pictures.

The system is utilized for drinking water, ground water treatment and private water supply for departments of environmental quality (DEQ) per state and municipal requirements.