Environmental Services (EVS) Quality Inspection Software for Hospitals

Inspect2GO's software is ideally suited for environmental program management, environmental services, occupational health and safety. Medical offices and hospitals can perform quality assurance audits and inspections. Use separate checklists for patient rooms, exam rooms, laboratories, medical offices and public areas throughout a medical building. Inspect2GO imports the hospital's unique QA audit forms and inspection checklists into the system. Inspections are performed on an iPad, Android tablet or smartphone. Results are sent to the hospital's in-house server or Inspect2GO's cloud database. Management runs reports on key performance indicators such as "deficiencies rank" or "inspections performed". Contact Inspect2GO for a product demonstration.

Environmental Services App

Environmental Services Software Video

Environmental Services Software Capabilities

  • QA - Perform quality assurance audits and cleaning inspections
  • Checklists - Inspection forms and checklists are customizable to each hospital's process
  • Rooms - Inspect patient rooms, exam rooms, medical offices, etc.
  • Work Orders - Issue and track engineering and maintenance issues
  • Dashboard - Customized the web-based dashboard to each client's needs
  • Reporting - By room, hospital, building, EVS tech, deficiency, date, etc.
  • Scheduling - Schedule inspections and audits
  • Tracking - Data analytics and key performance indicator (KPI) tracking
  • APP - Inspect on iPad, other tablet or mobile device
  • Database - Host on-premises using customer's private server, or on Inspect2GO's cloud

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