Dairy and Milk Inspection Software

Modernize your agency’s milk and dairy inspection program with Inspect2Go. The software helps county and state agencies ensure the safety and quality of dairy products per state and federal regulations. Inspect dairy farms, collect samples and perform other field work on mobile apps that work in remote areas. Use the cloud/web-based software to manage staff, dairies, samples, labs, data, processes and financials.

Field Work

Mobile App
  • Offline-capable mobile app for iPad, Android or Surface Pro
  • Dairy farm and creamery inspection and audit
  • Milk inspection
  • Equipment, vehicle and manufacturing plant inspection
  • Score dairy facilities (with dairy farm scorecard)
  • Sample collection (water well, milk, etc.)
  • Violations, comments, photos and signatures

Dairy Inspection Software

Office Functions

Cloud/Web-based software
  • Letters – Issue letters and notices (warning, suspension, failed score, reinstatement, etc.)
  • Permits – Accept permit applications and issue permits
  • Labs – Milk and water samples are tested by independent labs. Lab users can enter lab data/test results via a web portal, or the system can interface directly with a LIMS system
  • Scheduling – Schedule inspections and sample collection. Increase sampling frequency based on violations or failed samples
  • Calculations – Automated scoring, scheduling and other calculations
  • Establishment Management - Dairies, creameries, laboratories, etc.
  • User Management - Milk inspectors, drivers, health agency staff and laboratory staff
  • Financials – Fees and invoicing
  • Reporting