Restaurant Inspection Software

Inspect2GO provides a wide range of software for restaurant inspection. Versions are tailored to restaurant franchises for self-inspection / management, or for municipal health departments.

Restaurant Mobile Applications

  • Environmental Health – Municipal inspection per FDA/Local requirements
  • Food Safety – Food safety inspection audit
  • Physical Safety – OSHA and custom, self-safety audit
  • Walk Through – Restaurant daily, weekly, monthly self-inspection walk-through audit applications
  • Store Readiness – Custom convenience store/chain/franchise restaurant opening/closing checklist applications (lights, signs, locks, etc.)
  • HACCP – Thermometer to mobile device integration, photos of critical cooking temperatures (poultry, fish…)
  • Restroom – Bathroom inspection checklists and forms
  • EHS – Environmental Health and Safety, Osha, DOH, municipal/city/county/state health dept. and health code violation applications
  • Reporting – Custom reporting for corporate offices, franchise restaurant owners, stores, vendors, statistical data, inspection logs, point scoring systems based on general/critical violations
  • Self-Audit Forms – Restaurant self-inspection audit forms, custom forms and checklists
  • Custom - Convert your restaurant checklist, survey, walk through and audit forms to iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet applications

Custom Mobile Application Development

iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet custom developers for restaurant related apps

  • Ordering – Online and mobile ordering systems with user login, review existing orders, modify/cancel orders, check availability, pricing, ecommerce and purchasing
  • P&L – Custom profit/loss applications (statements by date)
  • Labor – Custom labor tracking app development (hour, date, monthly, payroll, vacation time )
  • Temperature – Haccp, Temperature monitoring, tracking and data logging for restaurant equipment
  • Management - Custom restaurant management systems
  • Inventory – Custom inventory control applications
  • POS – Point of sale
  • Reservations – Self reservation systems, online and mobile
  • Employees - Employee management system iPad app development
  • Office – Back office automation system custom application development
  • Software - Wireless, handheld hospitality services and restaurant management software
  • POS/POP – Point of sale, point of purchase, online menu, order taking application developers
  • NRA – Clients include NRA (National Restaurant Association) members and ServSafe users
  • Quality – Quality control, QC, USDA, FDA
  • Hospitality – Restaurant, hotel, casino, cruise line, entertainment, culinary, cooking, catering and food services

iPad, WINDOWS MOBILE, Android Hospitality Apps

  • Your Documents – Send your Excel (xls), Microsoft Word doc forms and pdf reports for iOS/Android conversion
  • Timestamp – Signatures and timestamps of critical temperatures, store readiness…
  • Reports – Pdf reports from iPhone, iPad, Windows and Android
  • Database – Franchise restaurant database integration, data tracking, iOS, SQL, .Net
  • Custom – Form customization and special application development
  • Hosting – SQL Server based data hosting
  • Data – Data logging, histogram, statistics, pass/fail scoring…
  • SOP – Standard operating procedures, cleanup, cooking process, cleanliness evaluations
  • Restaurants – Fas food, casual or fine dining, buffet, café, cafeteria, coffeehouse, pizzeria, takeout, diner, sushi…