Custom Reporting, Tracking and Monitoring Software for Inspections and Audits

Inspect2GO offers software customization for reporting, corrective action tracking and key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring. User interfaces, workflow, database configuration and reports are each customized by Inspect2GO as the system is setup. Clients receive a complete solution that is tailored their unique requirements within 6 months. Field inspections are conducted on an iPad, Android or Microsoft tablet. Private data is encrypted, secure, and can be stored exclusively on the customer’s server. Uses include internal self-audits, quality assurance and regulatory compliance inspections. The inspection management and reporting functions are web-based.

Reporting Software

  • Inspection and Audit monitoring
  • Corrective action tracking
  • Display KPI/Key Performance Indicators


  • Custom formatted reports
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Search and sort by violation, location, history, date, audit, inspectors, etc.
  • Compare performance by location
  • Charting, graphing and analytics
  • Custom web-based interface
  • Dashboard set to each user
  • Pull data from inspection database
  • Secure and encrypted data
  • Issue permits, licenses, invoices and work orders
  • Option for Inspect2GO cloud hosting
  • Security – Option for secure, encrypted, private data hosted on customer’s server

Inspection Management

  • Custom dashboard for supervisors and managers
  • Manage inspectors, facilities, audits, inspections, violations and deviations
  • Monthly and annual summary reports
  • Job scheduling, mapping, analytics, invoicing and fee tracking

Microsoft integration and development

  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Data migration from prior inspection databases Access Database Migration
  • SharePoint
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Custom .Net/ASP.NET development and programming


  • Inspections and Audits performed via native mobile app
  • Offline function, without data or wifi connectivity
  • Apple iOS (iPad/iPhone), Android and Microsoft table compatible


  • Government – Local and state regulatory compliance
  • Engineering – Structure/Civil inspection
  • Health Department – Environmental Health Inspection
  • Hospitality – Restaurants
  • Defense – Military equipment and vehicles
  • Manufacturing – Quality Assurance/QA/QC
  • Transportation – Vehicle fleet inspection