iPad Tablet Application Development | iPad Inspection Checklists, EHS & Audit Forms, PDF Reporting and SQL Database with iPad

We are an iPad application development company with expertise in business processes. We offer both custom iPad tablet mobile application development services, and standard iPad apps that can be tailored to client requests. Expertise includes iPad inspection checklists, iPad audit forms, field data entry applications, confidential business SOPs, custom PDF reports sent from your iPad, cloud database/SQL server/web data handling with the iPad and Excel spreadsheet conversion to iPad applications. Specific iPad applications include EHS (environmental, health and safety) iPad tablet applications, food safety inspection audit forms (restaurant, kitchen, school cafeteria, USDA, HACCP), property/housing inspection on iPad, vehicle inspection and emergency/medical iPad applications (fire/police department checklists, hospital procedures, FDA controlled substance/narcotics logs).

School – ipad/tablet apps

  • School kitchen/cafeteria/food inspection checklists on iPad and Android tablets
  • Custom iPad application development for elementary school boards, school districts, faculty/educators and colleges
  • School board meetings, minutes, agendas

Emergency/health – ipad/tablet application developers

  • Fire and police department iPad applications
  • Paramedic, emergency and first responder iPad application development
  • Narcotic drug tracking (FDA controlled substance log on iPad) for morphine, etc.
  • Chain of custody iPad applications
  • iPad applications for hospitals, doctors, nurses, medical staff, healthcare workers and medical insurance companies

EHS/Health/Safety – ipad/tablet mobile applications

  • EHS – Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) audit forms, iPad applications and custom app developers
  • Food safety – iPad (and Android) tablet based health inspection
  • HACCP – Restaurant, kitchen, cafeteria, franchise restaurant chain, USDA, FSIS and HACCP iPad audit apps
  • Supermarket – Meat, poultry, fish, dairy, deli, produce inspection, bathroom, osha safety, self-audit checklists, sops and rating system applications for iPad based on Excel worksheets
  • Checklists – Inspection checklist and audit forms on iPads
  • Food – Plan check, cart, special events , wholesale food inspection sheets, reports and audit checklists on iPad
  • Housing – Hotel, motel, condo, mold, sanitation EHS inspection forms
  • General Inspections – Bee, mosquito, rat/mouse, noise, tattoo (medical waste), cosmetology (spa, massage, nail salon), disaster (planning, eoc, logistics) and hazmat
  • Your Forms – Convert your PDF reports, excel (xls) inspection worksheets and audit forms into iPad/Android tablet mobile applications
  • Bathroom – Restroom inspection iPad application for restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants and public restrooms.

Custom ipad/tablet application developers

  • Database apps and data import/export/transfer via web services or CSV (Excel, xls)
  • Data transfer to/from SQL server (MySQL, MSSQL)
  • Cloud based application development
  • Server side programming in C#, .Net, PHP and Java
  • Convert Word, Excel, Worksheet/Spreadsheet documents to iPad form with csv export

Custom business forms on ipad/tablets

  • SOP – Standard Operating Procedures
  • Data – Database, data entry and order entry iPad application developers
  • Custom business forms with letterhead, logo, format and colors
  • Reporting – Database reporting, field reporting and pdf reports sent from iPad
  • Risk – Risk Assessment and Training Checklist iPad and Android tablet applications