Hotel Room Inspection App

Use the hotel room inspection app to perform quality checks and report trends. Easily customize the mobile application to match your existing checklists, inspection forms and business processes. Perform room readiness assessments and convey guest room availability to staff. Send work orders to the maintenance department and track work status. Report on room inspection scores and averages. Reduce operating costs through improved communication and efficiency. Improve guest satisfaction scores through improved quality, maintenance and tracking. The app is available for iPad, iPhone, Android or Microsoft mobile phones and tablets.

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Hotel Room Inspection Video

Hotel Room Applications and Capabilities

  • Inspection - Hotel room inspection app
  • Availability - Hotel guest room assessment, availability and readiness app
  • Quality - Hotel room quality assurance app
  • Checklist - Customizable room inspection forms and checklists
  • Offline - Native app for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows mobile phones and tablets
  • Web - Online, web-based (Wi-Fi) app with cloud-based data storage
  • Work Orders - Work order generation with photos and tracking for maintenance and engineering
  • Other - Hospital, cruise ship, school and other uses
  • Reporting - Inspection tracking, trending and reporting of key performance indicators
  • Dashboard - Custom dashboards for reporting, trending and inspection management


  • Guest Satisfaction - Improve hotel quality scores
  • Savings - Reduce costs through efficiency
  • Time - Reduce paperwork and enable staff to focus on their work
  • Communication - Improve communication between management, staff, maintenance and housekeeping