Hotel Housekeeping Inspection Software | Quality Tracking and Scoring

Inspect2GO's hotel housekeeping inspections solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the hospitality industry. The housekeeping inspection tool is a turnkey system including a mobile inspection application, cloud database and inspection management program. Conduct housekeeping quality audits on the mobile app. Use the housekeeping inspection scoring system rate and track performance. Store inspection data and photos on a database.

The web-based management portal is especially powerful. Use the scheduling tool to schedule, assign, manage and track inspections and tasks. Send work orders to the maintenance or engineering department and track progress. Use the reporting tool to run custom reports configured to your exact needs. Use the data analytics package and reporting tool to track key performance indicators such as the number of inspections conducted, most common housekeeping deficiencies and average housekeeping scores. Use the system for an individual hotel, or enterprise-wide across multiple properties.

Receive a custom dashboard tailored to each user's specific needs. View performance charts, graphs and reports at a glance. The cloud-based software is offered as a SAAS (Software-as-a Service) product for a monthly subscription, with no setup fee. Limited trial versions are available to qualified hotels. Contact inspect2GO directly for a product demonstration.

Housekeeping Inspection Software

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Hotel Housekeeping Inspection Software - Description and Modules

  • Inspection - Housekeeping inspection application
  • Total Solution - Complete program and turnkey system
  • Database - Housekeeping data and key performance indicators (KPIs) for housekeepers
  • Scheduler - Task management to schedule and track inspections by room and housekeeper
  • QA -Quality assurance inspection audits
  • Checklists - Housekeeping inspection checklists based on customer's unique forms and process
  • Dashboard - Custom, web-based dashboard configured to meet customer needs
  • Web - Online, web-based portal
  • SAAS - Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service package with monthly subscription fee
  • Tracking - Housekeeper scoring, rating system and performance tracking
  • Work Orders - Work order generation, tracking and resolution tool for maintenance and engineering
  • Reporting - Ad-hoc or custom reporting by filters
    • Average housekeeper scores
    • Hotel comparison and averages (for enterprise version across multiple hotels)
    • Number of audits or inspections conducted
    • Most common deficiencies
    • Filter any KPIs in the system by date, property, staff, etc.


  • Guest Satisfaction - Improve hotel quality scores
  • Savings - Reduce costs through efficiency
  • Time - Reduce paperwork and enable staff to focus on their work
  • Communication - Improve communication between management, staff, maintenance and housekeeping
  • Acknowledgement - Recognize top performers